Back 2 Action is a back therapy facility headed by an Exercise physical therapist to assist individuals relieve back pain,  strengthen core and back muscles to prevent injuries and assist in client recovery after surgery. By adopting a client centered approach, factors within the physical environment, social and mental health is taken into consideration when helping people. All programs are designed to provide holistic care to the individual. 

Lower back and neck pain is one of the most common complaints among adults over 45 years of age. This is mainly due to poor posture and a weak musculoskeletal system. Pain is nature’s way of telling you that your body is not functioning properly. Pain, during or after activity, is a simple tell-tale sign informing you that all is not well and should not be ignored.  At back2action we design a treatment program to help strengthen back muscles along the spine for long term results.

Central to our treatment program is the Back Therapy Centre, designed by Dr  Wolff,  Germany.   The Back Therapy Centre was developed as a specialized Back Training Concept to help alleviate pain and help to strengthen back muscles.

Each patented machine was carefully constructed in collaboration with sport scientists to work the specific back muscles in order to obtain the best result, with the least effort and duration.    No other therapeutic equipment for back rehab is designed to provide a valuable visual biofeedback mechanism for both the patient and therapist.  The five scientifically designed equipment includes :  the multifidus trainer, standing rotation, lateral shifting, transversus trainer and standing stabilization.

Dr. Wolff‘s system addresses the need for evidence based prevention and physical rehab of the muscular system. The Back Therapy Concept is a four stage process designed to focus on function and intersegmental coordination of the small muscles of the spine and the stabilization of spinal segments. The 12 week program aims to measure and document improvement, as no other system can do as efficiently,  cost-effectively, with faster and more realistic results.  See before and after pictures.

Together with the Dr Wolff professional equipment for back therapy, we have included the Pilates Reformer to provide a different experience during the exercise program. The Pilates Reformer was designed by Joseph Pilates. The Pilates Reformer provides a low impact workout in a series of exercises that strengthen and tone the core for stabilisation and support of the spine.  

The programs and services offered at back2action are designed to prevent injuries from recurring, restore normal movement,  increase function, improve sport performance and most of all, decrease pain.  At back2action our goal is to get people moving, help with recovery and reintegration into daily living activities for optimal life enjoyment. We are confident about our services and take pride in providing a personal service at an affordable cost.